Transportation Commission Duties

Transportation Commission Duties

The duties of the Coronado Transportation Commission are as follows:

A. The members will work with City staff and interested citizens to explore potential short- and long-term methods to reduce the impact of traffic congestion on residents.

B. The Commission will work together with City staff to brainstorm new ideas and to evaluate whether or not proposed solutions are viable and cost-effective and will from time to time forward its suggestions to the City Council for review and potential implementation.

C. To investigate effective methods to calm and slow traffic.

D. To promote convenient and cost-effective mass transportation for residents, visitors and commuters.

E. To continue to seek ways to decrease traffic volume through a variety of techniques.

F. To investigate effective methods to maximize the efficiency and safety of the current circulation system for all participants, including cyclists, pedestrians and public transportation.

G. To investigate effective methods to integrate cyclists, pedestrians and public transportation into a comprehensive circulation plan.

H. To identify programs that improve the commuter experience without detracting from Coronado's quality of life.

I. To identify quantifiable measures to assess effectiveness of new programs.

J. To conduct such hearings and to do such other things as necessary to address traffic congestion in the City of Coronado.

K. To perform such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the City Council from time to time.

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